We are specialists in international soccer investment and active participants of global soccer market.

 Our excellent knowledge about soccer, highest level of complex know-how and long-term international business experience are the basis of our work.

The scope of our activity:

  • investment in soccer
  • selling of transfer rights
  • transfer of soccer players from all over the world
  • complex services for soccer stars
  • international sport marketing
  • management and organization in professional soccer
  • international network of business partners
  • seeking for investors and sponsors
  • building of stadiums and sport objects
  • business in soccer


In our business we always aim at achieving both sport and financial success. Our key role is professional and commercial attitude towards soccer and consistent realization of our goals.


There are 4 priorities that decide about the effectiveness of our soccer investments: BUSINESS, SOCCER, SUCCESS, PROFIT!

We do not meet half way in our seeking for sport and financial aims!