Players for clubs fighting in European cups

We offer the employment of excellent players who will strengthen your soccer club in the fight for the greatest trophies of European football. We have players who play in international soccer arenas and have experience gained in such competitions as Champions League, Europa League and National Teams.

International contacts enable us to introduce soccer diamonds to the transfer market, which over time become stars in the most important European leagues. Relatively fast we cooperate with soccer players who are promising for a great international career. The players we promote play for the most important trophies in European and world soccer. This makes the clubs, managers and also the players themselves recognize our high competences in discovering talents and entrust us with conducting their international affairs.


Our services:

▪ Transfer negotiations between soccer clubs.

▪ Mediation of employment contracts and transfer handling.

▪ Networking with players’ agents and soccer agencies all over the world.

▪ Scouting and soccer talent searching.

▪ Soccer consulting and management.

▪ Marketing of players, coaches & clubs.

▪ PR consulting and media management.

▪ Building the player’s value on the soccer market.

▪ Building of presence on soccer’s vast international stage.

▪ Talent counselling.

▪ Immigration services.

▪ Strategic career planning for youth players and support for their parents.

▪ Strategic career planning for established players.

▪ Worldwide promotion.


Before opening each of the transfer windows (summer and winter), we present the current list of players we offer on the transfer market. We always focus on players who guarantee soccer quality and high marketing value. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the investment in our players will bring the expected profit – both sports and commercial.